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The School for Good and Evil
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The Bad Beginning - Lemony Snicket I am reviewing the series as a whole here.
My thoughts on the series are very conflicted.
On one hand, I LOVE this series. The characters were great and the writing is so engaging. Snicket combines political wit with a strong narration that is humorous and intelligent. I love how he recaps former books and how he explains vocabulary. Amazing writing form.
However, the reason I rated it at a 3 and not a 4.5 (which was where I was at before Book 13), is due to the last book. I really felt cheated by the ending of this series. There was never an resolution or true climax. The reader is left in limbo and essentially told "Well that's how life is". I agree that not everything needed to be wrapped up and presented in a nice little bundle, but not offering any form of resolution whatsoever made disappointed. My husband and I were so into the stories, so when we finished we both looked at each other and were like "That's is?...Really...?"