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The Magician's Elephant - Yoko Tanaka, Kate DiCamillo What a throughly charming little book this is.
It's a very quick and gentle read, perfect if you need a breath of fresh air in between long, heavy series.
For me, it was just what I was looking for.

The writing is very soulful and warm. This book really has heart. There's nothing particularly amazing or new, for it very much has a classical feel to it, but it is that classical sense, an pure simplicity that make this story stand out over many other Middle Grade fictions out there. It's not trying to be "cool", "edgy" or "hip". DiCamillo simply tells a heart warming tale that everyone can relate to. It's a tale about hope, love and the spark we often lose over time and the things that connect us. It's a peek into the things in our world and our life that make it beautiul and how to remember these beautiful, ephemeral things. It dares for us to pose the question "What if...?" It is magic. It is hope. It is love.
Completely charming and delightful. DiCamillo has crafted a breath of fresh air with this tale.