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The Tiger Rising - Kate DiCamillo This one was okay. Not great, but not horrible either. DiCamillo's writing is so different in this one than the other two books and I missed her Voice from the other two I read. Her Voice seemed to remind me more of Katherine Patterson in this book.

The characters are interesting and very believable. The basic plot is simple but heartfelt. It's a very quick and easy read.
I just feel that the end with the tiger getting shot is a bit harsh. I understand it's the means to the resolution, but all the same, the end left me feeling rather depressed rather than uplifted. It was too much of a "well that's life, deal with it. Learn to live and move on" tone, which rubs me the wrong way. I don't know what I was hoping for, but the end left me feel dissatisfied.

But the writing itself is very good and the characters are interesting, so I still think it's a good read, it's just not my favorite.