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Princess of Glass - Jessica Day George This is a very unique and interesting re-imagining of the Cinderella story that is unpredictable and contains contains non-stereotypical characters, while still maintaining the center of magic and romance that defines the original tale.

I've read the first book, Princess of the Midnight Ball, and loved that as well. It's not neccesary to have read it first as this story really stands on it's own, but I certainly reccomend reading the first one.

I was worried I wouldn't like Poppy at first since everyone always makes the Spunky Heroine so sassy that she becomes annoying, but Jessica Day George really handled the character well and avoided her from becoming a loud mouthed brat and instead gave us a tough, but lovable heroine who has her own vunerabilities.

I'd love to see a third installation in this series with maybe Pansy or Pentunia in a retelling of the Red Dancing Shoes.