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Into the Land of the Unicorns - Bruce Coville I got book 1 & 2 of the Unicorn Chronicles years ago but never sat down to read them. So I finally picked up the first one and had a go at it. And I must say, I like the story so far.

There is nothing particularly amazing or inoventive about the story, but it's a nice, simple tale. On the technical end, Coville's writing isn't anything special and veers a bit more on the amatuer-ish side. I get the sense that he often tries a bit too hard in his writing. Some of the passages and descriptions come off a bit forced. He gives splashes of purple prose here and there rather than let his genuine Voice speak to the reader. All things considered, this is easily overlooked in favor of the sincerity of the the characters and the story.

The characters are charming and I like how he reowkred the popular unicorn myth into his setting. The world is interesting and the characters are likeable. Again, nothing groundbreaking, but it's perfect as a light hearted, dreamy little tale. As a fan of all things unicorns, I find myself very much at home with this book. I'm looking foward to reading the rest of the series.