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Scones and Sensibility - Lindsay Eland What a refreshing breath a fresh air this book is!
There is nothing spectacularly creative or amazing about it, but it is honest, simple and sweet. The author is not attempting to be clever or edgy. What we get is a very down to earth, adorable tale perfect for any romantic, young or old alike. In an industry plagued with poorly written, sensationalized supernatural romances, this story was such a welcomed relief.

The writing is good. There is nothing stand out about it, but the dialogue is fun and believable. I love how Polly's sppech contrasts so different to the people around her, who are bemused by her, but just go with it. Indulging the girls fantasy.

Polly is very much of a modern day Emma (Jane Austen) who is obsessed with old fashion traditions of romances. She runs around trying to play match maker and has a number of antics on the way.

I suppose it is easy for me to enjoy this book because I identify so much with Polly. So it really pulled at my heartstrings for the start. That being said, I sincerely feel this is a very wholesome book that is perfect for young ladies. Highly reccomended.