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A Glory of Unicorns - Bruce Coville, Alix Berenzy I would rate this collection of short stories as a 3.5. Not quite a 4 for me, but I enjoyed it, so I decided to be nice and opt for the 4 stars as opposed to the 3 stars.

I wasn't expecting this collection to be so unique and thought provoking. I love unicorns, magic, princesses and all manner of fairy tales. I generally like to read light, fluffy stories and when I picked up this book, I thought that was what I was going to get - a collection of sweet, wholesome, simple little tales to pass the time. But I got so much more.

The collected stories were anything but predictable or expected. There was not a rehash of the same tried and true formulas. The unicorns in these stories were diverse and different. It was refreshing and exciting to see another side. I love that while the stories were a bit darker than most unicorn tales, they didn't cross the line to be too edgy. There was still very clear and beautiful messages that rang true to these tales.

It's a great book to keep on hand and casually read through. And I am not usually a fan of short stories. But this collection was definately for me. I would reccomend to any fantasy and/or unicorn lovers out there.