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Faerie Winter: Book 2 of the Bones of Faerie Trilogy - Janni Lee Simner I am a big fan of the first book BONES OF FAERIE. It’s one of my favorite books. I assumed it was a single book. I didn’t know or expect a sequel. So you can imagine my joy when, while strolling through the bookstore, my eye caught FAERIE WINTER. I snatched it up and let out an audible squeal of delight (one which made a nearby youngster pause and give me a rather quizzical look). At last I was reunited with the characters and world I had fallen in love with. And happily, FAERIE WINTER did not disappoint.

Once again we met back with Liza, only now the world has been thrown into a bleak, unending winter with no idea how to break the snowy spell. Just as the first book, it is quick and fast paced. The action draws you from one page to the next. Ms. Simner is a true craftsman - her characters, setting and voice are utterly captivating. This is what I call good writing.

Dystopian themes along with stories featuring faeries can grow weary. They are so popular right now that we’ve seen dozens upon dozens of similar stuff produced, each trying to be more clever than the next to make their world a different shiny, unique butterfly. But what makes Ms. Simner’s world so compelling to me is that she doesn’t try. She doesn’t try to beat you over the head to show you how awesome and unique her world is. There’s such a subtlety in her writing and an effortlessness in the way everything is weaved together that you sink in and simply become immersed in it. It stands out because it feels so believable, so tangible… so real. Also, the way she handles her Faerie characters is brilliantly executed. In both the Lady and Elin, you get a glimpse of how otherworldly and alien the fey are. It’s rare to see faerie characters executed so effectively, but Ms. Simner does. She just gets it. Well done. I highly recommend this story to any fantasy lover.