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The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown I only managed to get 78 pages into it, and after reading other reviews here as well as talking with my husband (who read it and whose copy I was borrowing), I am glad I didn't waste my time reading a page more.

I haven't read Dan Browns other books. I only picked this one up on reccomendation from my husband who thought I might like some of the concepts discussed (though he admits it was porrly written and that the ending was quite unsatisfying). I don't understand how in the world Dan Brown or his editor have jobs. I am amazed at just how poor Dan Brown's writing is. The flashbacks slowed the pacing down and were quite unneccesary (especially that one lecture scene with Langdon and his students, which included some of the worst and most unbelievable dialgoue I have ever read). The entirity of the 78 pages I sat through read like a movie script complete with casting call descriptions. Furthermore, the author never changes the tone or voice when writing from different people POV. It stays the same and that's because its not the characters we are hearing. It is the author and it is intrusive. All I got from what I read was "Hey look at me! I've read alot of wiki articles, see?", because honestly all those info dumps felt nothing more than excerpts of various wikis copy and pasted throughout the book.

After setting it aside, my husband told me the plot and the ending. Wow, talk about underwhelming. Very happy I didn't read any more. And this is the crap on the best seller list huh? I think I will stick to my children's literature, thank you very much.