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Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones What a charming and delightful read!
I saw the movie and wanted to read the book it was based from.
Yes, the book and the movie are very different, but I honestly loved them both in their own way.

But back to the book...
Jones crafted such interesting and multi-dimesional characters. They are so memeorable and so easy to love, especially Howl, Sophie and Calcifer who are the three main characters.

It was a whimsical read that transport you away to a storybook setting and sweeps you up in the magic. I felt that at any moment a door might open and I'd see the characters piling out, so immersed was I!

Some bits about the poem and curse were a bit awkward and confusing, but I didn't really stop to think much about it. I just decided to go along for the ride, and I'm happy I did. It was so enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to reading the two sequels - Castle in the Air and House of Many Doors.

And is it a sign that I just happened to finish the book on Midsummer Day itself? Hmm, perhaps that door might open up afterall!