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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern I saw alot of fellow Goodreads friends picking this one up and giving it good reviews. Then a bunch of other friends started to tell me that I needed to read it, telling me how much I would love it and how it was so very me. Everything about it ceratinly seemed to appeal to me - circus, magic, love. Now having finished it - yes, this is my kind of book.

Let me start by saying, I don't think this is a book for everyone. It is quite ephemeral and cerebral. There's something incredibly dreamlike about the narrative, which slips camera from person and time, so at times it may come off as feeling disjointed. I, however, found that it only complimented the story itself and helped add to both the whimsy and mystery. There is not much dialogue or action until the last half, when the pace begins to pick up. Until then, there is alot of internal thoughts and descriptions. So, if you like more action driven narrative, then it might not be right for you.

Personally, I was completely delighted. The writing truly swept me away in the world and I found myself connecting to the characters. They came alive to me while I was reading. The descriptions are so rich that I was easily able to slip into the world and see and smell everything around me. An enchanting experience.

The thing that affected me so profoundly while rading was that I truly empathized with the reveurs. I instantly connected to them as a group and the few individual reveurs we meet along the way (Herr Thiessan, being most prominent among them). I was amazed because I felt like Ms. Morgenstern was tapping into my exact emotions for how I feel about the NYC based show "Sleep No More", which is an immersive theatercal experience by Punchdrunk productions. Attending that show several times creatings an almost intoxicating effect. So after having recently gone through the show twice (and planning to go again soon!) only to pick up this book and see my feelinsg written so eloquently down on paper by someone else amazed me! You can imagine that I let out quite the giddy laughter when I come to read in the acknowledgements that apparently Ms. Morgenstern herself was inspired by the same show! It's nice to know I am not alone. I must be a reveur!

In the end, I do not feel any words can properly sum up my thoughts with a clear cut review. And personally, I do not care to. I will simply end with describing this book in with the only word I think fits: magical!