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Snow in Summer - Jane Yolen I picked this up because I saw it on the "Stories about Princess & Fairy Tales" display at a Barnes and Nobles. Since I adore fairy tale retellings, I decided to pick it up and give it a try. However this one did not live up to the alluring beauty that the cover entices one with.

To be fair, I did not read the full book - I only got to page 19. It's possible I may go back and pick it up again sometime in the future to get through the whole thing, but it wasn't capturing my interest and I have a number of other books on my shelf that I have been eagerly waiting to read.

While the idea of setting the tale of Snow White in Depression era West Virginia, it just doesn't work for me. Call me a purest, but I just don't jive with the idea of a redneck Snow White. The setting seems so out of place for the story. It simply doesn't lend itself to the magic one expects out of fairy tales.

Additionally, the pace is very slow. At 19 pages in, I have no idea where anything was going as there was little dialogue and action. It was all narrative. The text did not pull my interest or drive the story, and by 19 pages, I want to be hooked in and invested. I would have given it more time had there been something substantial to latch on to, but I don't find anything particularly gripping about the story to make me want to stick around and listen to the author drone on about rather mundane and boring details.