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The School for Good and Evil
Soman Chainani
The Titan's Curse - Rick Riordan My opinion about this 3rd book in the series is consistent with my previous reviews - It's a good concept, but it's not really my favorite. It's a great middle grade action-adventure fantasy for boys, so I like it for that, but that's about it. I'm certainly entertained and enjoying it as a casual light read for my daily subway commute, but there's nothing particular amazing about it.

I still hate the gods. I really hope that the author starts to show them in a more negative light as they should be. The gods are adulterous, selfish jerks subject to their own shifting whims. I think this needs to be addressed more. At this point, I would side with Luke, personally. What would really make this series a stand out is if Percy DOES destroy Olympus, because I think the gods deserve it.