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Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George Combining elements of Little Red Riding Hood aethetics into this third and final installment of this elecellent Twelve Dancing Princesses triology, Jessica Day George delivers yet another stellar fairy tale retelling.

In the first book we got oldest sister, Rose's story. In the second, we got middle sister Poppy. The last book we, of course, yet youngest of the twelve, Petunia. While Poppy has a bit more of a seperate adventure that took us a bit away from the events which occured in Book 2, Princess of the Silver Woods brings things back to where it all started.

In general, I loved this book just as I adored the two before it. However, there are a few elements which I felt could have made it a stronger piece. For one, as a trilogy, I don't think it felt entirely well-thought out in sense of pacing and concept - but, to be fair, according to the author's notes, it wasn't originally intended to be a series to begin with, so I suppose I can't fault her for that. Pushing that very minor criticism aside, I would say that while this is a story intended for Petunia to shine, I don't think she shined as brightly as her sisters Rose and Poppy did previously in their respective books. Perhaps that is because the plot essentailly returns to Book 1 and thus involves all the sisters again. I liked it alot, but I just wish that Petunia came into focus a tad more. My final critique would be that the ending felt a bit weak, mostly because I think Petunia did not have as strong of a victory as everyone else - Poppy did most of the shooting while others such as Galen and others worked their magic. I wish Petunia had been a little more involved and essential to the rescue and the victory. For the last part, she feels too adsent with her running about trying to make sure everyone is okay.

Overall though, those were rather minor complaints and I really did love the book and am sad that this will be the last story of the princesses I have come to know and love. Perhaps one day Day-George will consider writing another fairy tale retelling installment with the princesses children. Who knows.

This book and the previous two are lovely retellings and are presented in a beautiful and romantic but age appropriate way. I highly reccomend them to anyone who enjoys fairy tales and/or Disney movies or fantasy, because, in my opinion, these are some of the strongest retellings out there.