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Book of a Thousand Days - Shannon Hale In "Book of a Thousand Days", author Shannon Hale presents us with an interesting story about Dashti the lady's maid through her diary. Based off of the obscure fairy tale, "Maid Maleen", the tale follows Dashti and her lady, Saren as they are imprisoned for three years in a tower and later how they escape and seek to start over.

It is a very interesting premise and the main character of Dashti is incredibly compelling, which is important if the story is in a diary format. However, I felt that the pacing was quite slow and it takes a long time for any action to actually occur. That said, it is nice to read something different and I appreciate that Hale tried something new. For me personally, however, I appreciate a bit more intensity and action so I knocked off a star because I wasn't completely taken in due to the slow pace. That said, I still think it is a decent read and worth checking out espeically because the intimacy you gain with the diary format makes the reader bond close to the main character. I could see plenty of people loving this story to a five star rating.