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Fables, Vol. 1: Legends in Exile - James Jean, Craig Hamilton, Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha, Bill Willingham I truly do not understand what all the hype is about with this series.
I am on volume 8 and still I find it to be a trite and contrived collection of unimaganitive swill.

The author seems like he's attenpting to painstainkling deconstruct beloved, familar fairy tale characters for his own cynical amusement. Why does everyone and their mother seem bent on doing the "modern-edgy twist" on classic fairy tales. I haven't seen it done right yet. This has been done before. It's old, it's unoriginal, it's contrived, and honestly I don't buy into the characters. Their motivation doesn't make sense and the overarching story is weak. Additionally, the characters are completely unlikeable so there is really no one to route for.

To me, it comes off as just a shallow reflection containing trivial surface aesthetics of the stories without any true depth. If we examine fairy tales we see that they were morality tales at their hearts. Albeit, often told in very gruesome ways, yes – be the central belief of these stories were in the telling of a few core truths – good will prevail, evil will be punished and true love is the strongest force of all. The problem with Fables and it’s cynical ilk is it does not seek to examine these core elements whatsoever but rather cherry picks imagery and names to construct a “new”, “original” story void of any of the values these characters and their stories were meant to convey. So in this new trend of “edginess”, we scrape away all core value inherent to the originals and replace them with drama ridden situations that are considered “cool” by reality TV standards but ultimately doing nothing to elevate the original or the genre as a whole.

After trudging through 8 volumes of this crap, I am done. Time to find something with a vision. Something not catering to video game playing Twitwits.