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The Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio - Lloyd Alexander As a huge fan of Lloyd Alexander, I must admit my feelings toward this book are incredibly sentimentally tied with the knowledge that it was his last. To the point that I honestly wept when I was finished.

That said, it still is a genuinely good read. It is a bit more violent and graphic than his previous stories, so I would place this one more in the "young adult" to "upper middle grade" category. There is veiled allusions to rape mentioned, violent actions and some graphic imagery. Not too intense, mind you, but enough to the point where I don't think it is appropriate for his standard "middle grade" audience. I would say this is an age 13 or 14+ read, depending on the maturity level of the reader.

Most fans of Alexander know that he has his frequently used tropes and character archetypes and it is no different here, but I find them very comforting and familar, so I happen to love that about his writing. Much like his other stories, this is another quest/hero's journey full of rich settings and lavish images. It is a classic tale so don't expect any surprises - but again, that's what draws me to Alexander's works. I love that sense of timelessness in them. So if you enjoy fantasy adventures and/or enjoy other titles by Alexander, you are sure to like this one as well.