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A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)

A Dance With Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5) - George R.R. Martin **SPOILER ALERT**
Just stating the spoiler alert at the begining here.
Now with that done, I shall continue with my review.

I will be completely honest here... I didn't finish the book. I got to about page 700, got bored of it, got tired of having to lug it back and forth on my subway commute, gave up and just had my husband fill me in on the rest. I wish I would have stopped a good 300 pages sooner.

This book was sooo slow and soo boring. Very little occurs until the very end. It was not well editted at all. Had the content of the chapters been collapsed and condensed and a good 500 pages were taken off, it would have made for a much better read. The pace and intensity would not have suffered the way it does being dragged out over 900+ pages.Overall I was very disappointed by this book.

Sure there's some payback at the end, but it's too little too late. So much was simply unnececcary and dragged the the flow of the story to almost a halt. It was crawling in a painful manner that just made you want to repeatedly kick it and say "Shit or get off the pot!" As for the spoilery parts... they are rather satisfying: Quintyn's end is highly satisfying to me (That's what Martells get when they presume to call themselves dragons. HAHAHAHA!). Dany's stuff...god... she just was a totally different character in the book and I found her slump very out of character. It took way too long for her to get her mojo back. GRRM needed to cut a good 2/3's of her chapters. Jon Snow... I am indifferent if he lives or dies really. Pleased with Aegon and Jon Connigton's progress, though as much as I love Rhaegar... I think having Aegon be alive is a bit of a cop out. I feel like GRRM is selling out and going all Marvel on us with everyone suddenly being alive. The only one who I like it for is Bloodraven and I was sooooo psyched that he made a cameo! Also happy to see Ashara Dayne present as well. I was always interested in her character so it's great that she shows up too. And I am totally siding with the Spider on this. Hell's yes! Kill those usurper bastards, Varys! Tyrion chapters were so slow and boring. I think it was a poor decision to give Melissandre a POV. The only interesting chapters were Theon's but they were so brutal that it was painful to read.

Yeah, yeah... this is a more casual tone review to let my inner geek rant, but from a scholatically minded reader, I will just leave it at "this thing needed to be better editted".