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Magic Under Stone - Jaclyn Dolamore I adored the first book, "Magic Under Glass", but this sequel really fell short for me. In this follow up, Nimira continues to search for a way to break Erris's curse. Along the way she has the help from old friends and new.

While I appreciate the level of realism the author captures in the characters emotions and relationships, I grew tired of Nimira's whining and Erris' childish behavior. I definitely felt the characters were all quite complex and believable, but the majority of the book felt like Nimira complaining rather than doing anything and I eventually found myself growing rather annoyed with her, Erris and Violet very quickly. For me, it really dragged the book down and slowed the pace because so much emphasis was placed on this aspect of the story rather than propelling it forward.

Additionally, I felt that this became more Ifra's story than anyone else's. Which might not be a bad thing considering I felt he was the most interesting and compelling character in the book. It was odd how much focus he had, but I found his chapters a much needed relief to Nimira's constant moaning over her relationship with Erris.

The other thing that bothered me was how rushed the ending felt. So much happens in such a short amount of time that I feel as if alot of reactions were brushed under the rug and glazed over. It was bizarre.

It wasn't all bad though. Again, I love the world the author sets up (though I wish she had made more of a distinction between the faeries and humans than just "faeries like nature, humans like techonology" thing. I wanted more substantial and intristinc differences between them, personally). The characters are interesting, complex and believable. And I love that she doesn't go about being totally predictable about how things happen.

In my opinion, there was alot of good stuff here and the story had potential but it didn't come together as a coherent piece for me.