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Faerie After (Bones of Faerie Book, #3)

Faerie After (Bones of Faerie Book, #3) - Janni Lee Simner This is the final part of Janni Lee Simner's Faerie Trilogy. I've been reading this series since Book 1 first came out and fell in love with Simner's world, characters and beautiful writing. It's a bitter sweet parting to come to the end, but here we are.

In this last installment, we find Liza, Matthew, Allie and the others facing a strange phenomenom facing their world - there is a strange grey crumbling destroying nature on Earth. Soon they learn it reaches deeper than that - into the heart of Faerie itself and threatens both humans and faerie alike with the end of days unless Liza and her friends can find a way to stop it from spreading.

This is a very loose and simplified summary of an otherwise nuanced and complex story. At its depth, the real themes shine through. These themes include loss, the price of war and the bonds between loved ones. These ideas and complexities are translated to page by Simner's beautiful language and skilled word smithing. However, I did find myself having trouble grasping the very esoteric concepts she presented on occasion because of the very cerebral oriented descriptions, which left me struggling to full visualize the scene. It's for this reason that I marked the last book down to 4 stars rather than the two that came before, both which earned a solid 5 stars in my book. This was still a fantastic read and I felt satisfied with the ending, but I just felt that the focus on the esoteric descriptions didn't fully pull me in the way the other two books did. Other than this though, I was very pleased with it especially since I often find myself unhappy with most series ends which tend to give flat, rushed and/or disappointing conclusions.

I reccomend this series to anyone who enjoys faeries and dystopian storys. It's a perfect blend of both and a throughly original setting, in my humble opinion.