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Gawain and Lady Green

Gawain and Lady Green - Anne Eliot Crompton To be fair, I didn't finish this book. I only was able to sit through about 25 pages and put it down, so keep in mind my review and judgement is based on this beginning.

This book didn't hold me. I couldn't read any longer.
And I have a major gripe with it. Mainly that this was placed in the YA section. This book should not be considered YA, it should be in the adult fantasy/sci-fi section. Reason being? Way too much sexuality and the fact that Lady Green is a teenage mother. I'm sorry but I simply cannot agree with literature aimed at young adults which showcases teen motherhood and promiscuity as a positive thing.

The writing itself is very lackluster consisting of mostly choppy and disorganized dialogue that reads more like a script than a book.

To say I was underwhealmed would be an understatement.